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The JAZZ Spark Trio combo has moved their monthly session from Glasgow to Swing Ltd on Hope Street with immediate effect. The group, which consists of one of the UK’s most versatile keyboardists, Paul Harrison on organ and two members of the award-winning Square One quartet, guitarist Joe Williamson and drummer Stephen Henderson, will be joined by the saxophonist Brian Molley this Monday, May 8. A musician with background in jazz, classical, pop and theater, Molley has toured internationally with his own band, including appearances at the Rochester Jazz Festival in New York and the Jodhpur RIFF Festival in India. He released his new album, Color and Movement last month and is returning to India in early June.

REGULAR Herald contributor Alison Kerr has received international recognition for her writing on jazz. Kerr’s jazz blog, Jazzmatters, has been selected as one of the world’s top fifty websites for jazz musicians, teachers, and students to be viewed by Internet Monitor Feedspot.

Kerr began writing for the Herald in 1993 when he was seconded to the Herald Diary and has since written articles and reviews of concerts and festivals including the Nairn Jazz Festival and the Norwich Jazz Party as well as the events of summer jazz in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

She joins such luminaries as jazz educator Jamey Aebersold and Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin, who writes about Django Reinhardt, as well as the hugely popular British jazz news sites London Jazz News and Tyneside’s Bebop Spoken Here in the world’s top 50.

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