Brianna Wu’s blog post about Gamergate


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Brianna Wu is, unfortunately, used to receiving rape and death threats because she is a female game developer who talks about women’s rights in the field. But last weekend, she received new, extremely frightening and extremely real threats. A man wearing a skull mask posted a YouTube video about his plans to assassinate her and even went to her home to “do justice”, but crashed on the way.

Like other top players, she expresses herself with an essay on Bustle titled “I’m Brianna Wu, and I’m risking my life standing up to Gamergate.”

She writes, “I am developing video games for your phone. I lead one of the largest professional women’s game development teams in the business. Sometimes I speak about women in tech. I’m doing all I can to save my life. except shut up. ”

The rest of the room is incredibly powerful. You should read each sentence, including its responses to the question “What can we do?” But perhaps the saddest part is how the disgusting Gamergate saga makes her and other female players want to stay out of the line of work.

“The reality is that this circus has sucked all the joy out of a career I once felt destined for,” she writes. “There isn’t a day that I don’t wonder why I’m here and why I keep doing this.”

And this tweet that she sent a few days ago is chilling.

How smelly, how maddening. But also, how incredibly brave she is.

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