Latest moving blog post from mother killed with three children in horror accident


A mother killed with three of her children in a horror smash wrote of a “sleep deprived fog” as she waited for her now 18-month-old daughter.

Dedicated mother and parental blogger Zoe Powell was killed alongside her two daughters, Phoebe, eight, and Amelia, four, and their brother Simeon, six, after their car hit a heavy truck on Monday night.

The 29-year-old wrote in her latest blog post that she was expecting her 18-month-old daughter who survived the crash with her father, Josh, according to Mirror Online.

The accident shocked the family community in Chinnor, Oxford.

The father and baby are described as being in “critical but stable” condition in the hospital.

Zoe Powell with husband Josh and three of their children

People paid tribute to the parenting advice blogger, who also ran a business producing reviews.

In a final touching post on her parenting blog last May, Mum Zoe wrote about a break from blogging, as she prepared for the couple’s fourth addition to her family.

She wrote candidly about the steps she was taking to prepare for the new arrival.

Zoe hadn’t written a post to her blog, The Mama Book since – she took to her Instagram to post about locked out family life.

Cones and warning tape surround damage on the A40 near Oxford

In the post, she wrote about finding a mental space to enjoy motherhood and how she took a temporary break from blogging and floral journaling, to focus on being a mother of four.

The mother shared advice with her followers on how she was mentally preparing for the exhaustion of welcoming the couple’s fourth child.

She wrote: “Baby is (hopefully) just around the corner, and those weeks, months of preparation will soon be forgotten in a haze of feeding and sleeping and all that newborn stuff.

“I’ve done this before and yet I still wanted to make sure that I prepared myself not only physically – our home – but also mentally.

A four-year-old girl, six-year-old boy, eight-year-old girl and 29-year-old woman from Chinnor, Oxfordshire, died on Monday

“The sleep deprived fog can make it difficult to think clearly and I know that if I can put some things in place now I hope the next few months go more smoothly mentally and practically!”

She posted tips for keeping her sanity when she becomes a new mom – to remember that she was “able” to accept help from others.

Zoe also wrote about taking time for herself and sleeping, rather than trying to “do it all”.

She told her followers how she made a list of ‘good things’ activities that made her happy – writing how she enjoyed being outdoors, listening to music, spending time alone or chatting with a friend to give herself up. pause.

There was a collision between a minivan and a heavy truck

The mother also wrote about her Christian faith, saying she enjoyed placing positive affirmation notes around her home and reading Bible verses to get through tough times of sleep deprivation.

After taking a break from blogging and journaling, Zoe had started posting parenting tips to entertain toddlers inside during the coronavirus lockdown.

Her latest post on October 3 captured scenes from her home on a rainy day as she enjoyed sipping coffee and warming up in slippers.

A little over a week later, she and her family would be struck by the tragedy of the A40 accident which witnesses described as a “hell scene”.

It was a terrible scene

The family’s silver Subaru collided with a heavy truck near a railway bridge at 9:50 p.m. Monday.

Thames Valley Police said a 56-year-old truck driver was slightly injured in the crash and did not require hospital treatment.

David Patchett, who lives on a classic near the stage, called 999 after seeing people seriously injured.

He said: “There was a loud explosion, a horrible noise that rocked the boat. It was enough to make your heart leap.

The A40 near Oxford

“I grabbed my phone and my shoes and raced down the road trying to dial 999. I knew it wasn’t a good sound.

“The first thing I saw was the truck on the wrong side of the road and saw the driver sitting there, okay.

“I kept running towards the car, that’s where I could have collapsed to my knees, it was an emotional roller coaster.

“The car was in the middle of the road, it wasn’t just damage to the front, it looked like it had been crumpled like a can.

Four people from the same family have died

“It was a horrible thing to see and my first thoughts were that no one had survived, that’s how bad it was.”

Thames Valley Police Sgt. Dominic Mahon said the crash was an “absolute tragedy”.

He added: “This incredibly tragic incident resulted in the deaths of four people from the same family.

“Our officers and colleagues from other emergency services were faced with an extremely upsetting scene.

“We will spare no effort to determine what caused this tragedy. “

The police have called for witnesses or motorists who have images of the incident by on-board camera to come forward.

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