‘Mad Men, Furious Women’: Viral blog post sparks discussion of ad industry’s #MeToo moment


A viral blog post detailing allegations of sexual misconduct in the advertising industry sparked what is known as the industry’s ‘#MeToo moment’.

Former advertising industry employee Zoe Scaman posted an article titled “Mad Men. Furious Women “, in which she details several allegations.

These include being sexually assaulted by a client outside of a “big industry party”, being labeled “hot” by someone who just interviewed her for a job, and of being assaulted by one of her bosses after following her into the bathroom. cabin during a party.

Ms Scaman also includes allegations from other women in her article, which include stories of pregnant women who were fired, and a woman who claims that a senior producer once refused to let her into the bathroom at unless she “lets him sniff a line. [her] breasts “.

“I’m telling you these stories not to be sensational and not to seek your sympathies, but because I want you to understand,” she wrote.

“There are real, horrifying and painful reasons women in this industry are angry, broken, exhausted and often frightened to silence.”

Ms Scaman says she has received hundreds of messages from women.

“None of this was surprising and nothing new,” she explained. “Because we like to believe that misogyny and abuse of women is a thing of the past, it isn’t.

“Instead, it morphed and evolved into something insidious; is no longer manifest and is no longer a common event carried out in public for all to see. “

She went on to explain how these allegations are often “moved behind the curtain” to continue and refers to a 2018 investigation by TimeTo, the advertising industry body set up in the wake of #MeToo , which found that 41% of those surveyed had experienced sexual harassment and / or sexual assault at work. However, 83 percent had not reported it.

“Every woman I’ve spoken to has a story of her time in the industry,” she concludes. “Each story is a match. One by one, spark by spark, the flames rise and the fire heats up.

“And between us, with our pain and our rage, there may come a time when that’s enough and collectively, we decide to burn everything. For me personally, that time is already here.

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