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Tiger King is the latest docusery on Netflix to surprise TV fans. The story of American fat cat owner Joe Exotic and his ongoing struggles with animal rights activist Carole Baskin left fans completely stunned as the series delved into their lives and careers over the course of the series. last decade and beyond. However, after the TV show was released, the cast members have now stepped out and announced that they were not happy with the way they were portrayed during the seven-episode series.


Baskin is the latest person to condemn the network for her portrayal on the show, particularly highlighting a segment that “suggests” that she played a role in the disappearance of her first husband, Don Lewis.

Lewis went missing on August 18, 1997. According to the documentary, he told Baskin he was on his way to Costa Rica. His van was later found at an airport.

It was noted throughout the show that Lewis knew how to fly a plane and owned multiple planes – but none of them were able to complete the trip from Miami to Costa Rica without stopping to refuel.

Now, speaking in a lengthy article on his website – BigCatRescue.org – Baskin has denounced these claims and called the suggestions made in the documentary “lies.”

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Speaking specifically about the show’s suggestion that it had something to do with Lewis’ disappearance, Baskin announced, “The show presents this without any regard for the truth, or in most cases even giving me the opportunity before publication to refute the absurd claims.

“They didn’t care about the truth. Unsavory lies are better at attracting viewers.”

Baskin also pointed out that Lewis had denounced his “disappearance” in Costa Rica in the past and even bought properties there.

She explained: “Don had bought a number of properties in Costa Rica and after he disappeared one of the caretakers called and told me there were people reporting seeing him there. “

Referring to the photo, Baskin wrote: “The idea that a human body and a skeleton can be subjected to it is silly.

“But the Netflix directors didn’t care. They just showed a bigger crusher.”

Earlier in the week, Carole’s husband Harold Baskin posted a moving video on Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook page, where he defended his wife.

He also condemned the Netflix show, saying what they suggested were “lies”.

Harold said: “Not only did they lie about it, but they never even gave us a chance to respond to the false claims that ended up in the documentary.”

Defending his wife, he explained, “Anyone who spends an hour with Carole would walk away knowing there was no way she was involved in Don’s disappearance.

“The vicious rumors spread by his family were absolute nonsense – stuff about meat grinders and septic tanks.”

Tiger King is available on Netflix.

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