Top 12 things to do after posting a blog post


You have a blog page and now you have devoted your heart and soul to creating an epic blog post that your audience will be able to read and love. And then you clicked on the “Publish” button… What now? Well! It may seem tempting to leave it there and then move on to the next project. I know you have more blog topics to write, more content to cover, and more topics to produce, right?

Wait! Wait a minute. Publishing a blog post and then moving straight to the next will be a total waste of time and effort. In fact, if you do, it will decrease the impact of your content and its true potential.

In case you want to increase exposure as well as spreading your blog content, you can check out the tips I mentioned below. So without further ado, let’s start with the Top 12 things to do after posting a blog post.

1. Review the final content

Don’t you think it’s pretty obvious to proofread the final content? Well! I still need to mention it. To be very honest, I like to think that I am quite thorough and good at proofreading and diligent at picking up grammar or spelling mistakes.

However, no matter how thorough I am, I sometimes find errors right after posting the article. Sometimes it’s not even a grammar or spelling error, but formatting issues or other issues can arise.

You have to use the spell checker without a doubt and you can additionally opt for services like Grammarly. However, there is no substitute for the proofreading services of a qualified professional.

If proofreading isn’t your strong suit, you can do the following:

  • Hire a professional proofreader.
  • You can ask a member of your team to do the proofreading for you.
  • Proofread the content at least twice or more if you have time.
  • After you’re done writing, try waiting a day or two before rereading it.

You can hire a good editor who will not only correct your grammar or typos, but improve your writing style, tone, format, approach, and the accuracy of your content. It doesn’t matter how much promotion you do if your content isn’t error-free.

2. Insert a link to new content on old posts

Did you know that internal meshing will kill two birds with one stone? At first, this will encourage your readers to explore your site more. Secondly, it is useful for building site architecture and will give you much needed SEO juice.

I always try to research previously posted content that is relevant to every new blog I post and link that has value.

Well! The question is why is this even important?

  • This will improve the structure of your site.
  • This will strengthen the overall authority of the internal pages of your site.
  • It starts to build the link profile of the new article.
  • This increases the likelihood of a potential inbound link to new content.
  • This will establish the validity of the newly written article.

The interconnecting pages within your website are not considered external links, but they will help you improve the optimization as well as the structure of your site. In fact, the best part is that if a page acquires new links, it will immediately signal the relevance of the algorithm and it will improve the potential of SERPs. Therefore, I think adding links should be a top priority right after the content is posted.

3. Add a question to generate discussion

Many times my viewers only need a little coaxing to step in and then start the conversation. And that’s why I like to add an open-ended question right at the end of every post. This will not only encourage the reader deeply on the topic, but further build engagement in a prominent way.

Well! I really don’t expect the audience to answer the questions I ask. I do this only to spark thought and conversation. And I’m lucky because it really works. Therefore, I also suggest you to check this method and hope it helps you too.

4. Post to Facebook

It’s common, isn’t it? But let me tell you there is a deeper strategy involved. While posting a post on Facebook, I’d like to add a quick sentence or two that will capture the full essence of the post. In fact, he will explain how others will benefit from his reading. Usually it will be taken directly from the entire article itself.

How about adding an image? Well! It is a must have without fail. Facebook posts as well as photos generally tend to get more likes, comments, and shares. And it is a fact.

5. Post to Twitter

Well! On Twitter, you are surely limited in terms of writing descriptions with only 140 characters. However, I try to write a short as well as a catchy caption in order to spark the interest of my audience.

And if you know Chris Brogan, the master of Twitter, he does too. In fact, he knows how to get people to click on his articles while he is promoting them.

Other than that, you need to make sure that you include one or two hashtags. Keep in mind that you can’t overdo it to the point that it looks like you’re stuffing it.

You’ll only need a few hashtags to double the amount of engagement on the item you’re promoting.

6. Post on Reddit

You might consider Reddit to be one of the best internet hotspots for geeks as well as hipsters. Let me tell you that you are right. In fact, it can also be a trafficking gold mine.

Why? The answer is, Reddit has millions of pageviews and has an active user base that is committed to engaging.

With Twitter and Facebook you might find casual users, but with Reddit there is something about the audience that makes them quite addicted to the site.

Reddit users interact on the site using something called Karma. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, consider likes on Facebook, except not really.

Basically the idea is this: if your post gets a lot of karma, more people will see it. Reddit users surely won’t hesitate when they share their opinions, maybe good or bad on the shared posts.

In the event that your article is not satisfactory, you will be scoffed at. And if it’s good, you’ll have the confidence that your new post will be referenced, linked, and seen by a lot of people.

7. Tap into other relevant networks

Whether it’s Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram or even Google+ and its lack of freshness, share your content on the site or sites that you prefer or that could be useful to you.

In fact, the Internet is full of isolated forums, very engaged Facebook groups, and other pockets of interactive communities. You can research your tribe, further develop your audience, and then add value to that network through your articles.

8. Ask a key contact to share it

If you ask me, I would never recommend you to be the irritating person who always hits someone for a favor. But, I suggest you occasionally ask one of your key contacts if they don’t mind sharing your new post with their audience.

Just make sure it’s relevant to their niche / industry and adds value to their audience. In fact, that’s the most important thing: adding value.

The value works both ways. You should also try to provide value to the influencer. Before you hurry to email all the influencers in your address book, you need to read your content. This will help you correct unwanted errors and create a better impression.

9. Respond to comments

To be very honest, asking readers to comment on your content is actually not an easy thing. Especially at the beginning, when you are just starting to get started. While there are quite often, I get a few comments from some of the bigger bloggers. But it took a lot of work, persistence, and responding to comments.

This is a very essential step for commenting and interacting with your audience and building a great relationship. This will create social proof and ensure future engagement.

Although it will take a little while if you get dozens or even hundreds of comments to respond to. But, believe me, it will be worth it for you to respond to each of them separately in a timely manner.

10. Update your message

Unless your message is urgent, it needs to be relevant for a longer period of time. Otherwise, it will be known as “Evergreen Content”. This type of content is quite amazing because it will allow you to promote at all times and people will keep finding it through the search section. In fact, it will add value to your site.

However, even evergreen content will start to lose relevance as well as accuracy over time. As a result, it is always amazing and essential for you to update your posts and it will keep them up to date and ensure that any statistics or links they contain are checked and verified. It will also help search engines understand that this content is still valuable.

You can check your analytics for all the top performing posts that are actually dropping traffic. Always change today’s date and put the recently updated article at the top of your blog.

11. Keep an eye on your analyzes

This is not a content promotion strategy, but it is one of the most essential things you should consider when posting your blog post. You can even take a close look at the source of your traffic. This will help you make an effective plan for your next article. You can see which channels to focus the most effort on next time.

12. Comment on a commentator’s blog

One of the best strategies I’m going to tell you is to take a little extra time to reach out to people who are commenting on your blog. Try to identify a few consistent commenters who contribute to the conversation and try to comment on their blogs as well.

From there, I like to find a relevant post that ties into my content and leave a thoughtful comment. I know it may take a long time, but it will surely increase your sympathy as well as your reputation.

Final speech

If you are looking forward to blogging success, you must follow these Top 12 things to do after posting a blog post. All of these tips are great for successfully ranking your blog post without thinking twice. I have tried all the methods and also chatted with experts to come up with the best strategies for you.

These methods are essentially a secret sauce for you to gain more leads and a loyal customer base that will be hungry for your future content.

If you have a problem with any of the tips or methods, you can comment below. I will be happy to help you. But, before that, you need to go through this article very carefully to understand everything you need to do after you publish your blog post.

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