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While blogging is a great way to attract and educate an online audience, it will ultimately take a lot more than an intermittent but informative article to win over social media users.

When your 1,000-word message about decision-making, performance, and productivity sits on a social media feed next to a raccoon climbing up a 25-story building, your content starts to seem monotonous to the internet user. way. It’s not that your written content isn’t appealing; is that the content of the publication is often packaged and published in exactly the same way each time, in written form accompanied by an archive photo.

As the Marketing Director of a recruiting agency, I am familiar with the challenges of breaking noise into today’s digital and social media landscape. Below are a few ways to turn your basic blog into compelling social media content.

The motivational quote or educational statistics

When you post on social media, you want your communications to resonate with your audience and followers. Add a catchy statistic at the start of your post, or pair an inspirational yet relevant quote at the end of your blog. Then share the quote or statistic on Twitter (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday) while adding the hashtag #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom, or #ThursdayThoughts. Shorten the blog URL and don’t forget to include the source of the statistic or the origin of the quote. Take it a step further by creating an eye-catching visual for the statistic or quote you are using.

The silent video from 15 to 30 seconds

There is no denying that video occupies an unprecedented place on social media platforms. Silent videos are growing in popularity, but they’re not just for the latest CNN news. Gather the main key points of your blog post and turn them into a short video. Include the post title and embed the brand in the video as well. But be sure not to give all the detailed information of the post in advance.

The interesting infographic

Infographics are an efficient and concise way to integrate data and illustrations. Take the basic text of your blog and condense your factual information into a handful of simple sentences. Combine textual information with correlated graphics. Design the layout of the infographic so that every piece of information can be easily read. You want to be able to guide the reader through the graph from one piece of information to another. Finally, integrate the branding and source of the information, and change the size of the infographic image for the planned social media platforms.

The Vlog And The Podcast

If you don’t have the resources for in-house video editing or graphic design, you can record a vlog based on the article’s original content for upload to YouTube. You can also produce a podcast on SoundCloud as an audio-only version of your discussion on the main topic of the blog post.

To captivate an online audience through social media, you need to provide content that adheres to multiple learning styles: auditory, visual, and tactile. Perform A / B testing to determine the type of social media posts your online audience prefers. And before you post and post more blog content, keep in mind that your audience will be looking for something more captivating once they realize that the #MPRRacoon has safely reached the roof.

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