UMass Biology Professor Goes Viral After Covid Blog Post


UMass Dartmouth Associate Professor of Biology Dr Erin Bromage went viral after his blog post explaining how the coronavirus spreads was viewed more than 13 million times, with Bromage himself appearing on national media CNN and NBC, and in the New York Times.

Bromine – who has a doctorate in Microbiology and Immunology from James Cook University in Australia originally created the blog to explain to friends, family and students the current research on the coronavirus and how it is spread.

  • “I don’t claim to be an expert on coronaviruses, medicine or preparation,” read the homepage of his blog. “I receive all my information directly from experts in their fields and from the articles that these experts publish daily. I mainly write these articles for my family, friends and students, who appreciate my advice.

On May 6, he published “The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them,” an explainer that showed how people who breathe, sing and speak spread particles in the air in common places like restaurants, churches and public buildings. offices.

Before delving into the science of spread, the post begins with a thought-provoking note about the back slope of the epidemic curve.

“It seems a lot of people are breathing a little relief, and I don’t know why,” the post read. “The back of the mortality curve is slowly declining, with deaths lingering for months. Assuming we just peaked at 70,000 deaths, it is possible that we will lose another 70,000 people over the next 6 weeks as we come out of this peak. “

“That’s what’s going to happen with a lockdown,” writes Bromage. “As states reopen and we give the virus more fuel, all bets are off. “

With most states reopening amid the pandemic, Bromage’s post was shared widely on social media, garnering millions of views and a reprint in the New York Times. He has since appeared in MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, CNN Erin Burnett up front, the NBC Nightly News, the BBC and many other news outlets, according to the UMass press release.

At UMass, Bromage teaches and studies infectious diseases and immune responses in animals.

Its spring 2020 course Ecology of infectious diseases enabled students to follow the emerging Covid-19 epidemic in China and beyond, giving them real-world insight into the topics studied.

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