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Each Boxing Day kicks off one of the best international tournaments, showcasing the best Under-20 talent from around the world: the world junior championship. Players who secure a spot on their country’s team is not just an honor, but an experience that is high on any player’s achievement list.

“He’s obviously one of the tallest up there,” he added. Dawson mercer said while playing at World Juniors. “Growing up you always wanted to play in the World Juniors and play for your country and represent it, so that was pretty special. It’s right there, every step of the way. Then it’s your first game in the NHL, your first goal, so they’re all up there. “

Defender Ty smith and Mercer each represented Canada at the 2020 tournament where they won gold. Smith also competed in the 2019 tournament, as did Mercer in 2021, taking home silver. Both see the experience as an opportunity to develop their game, especially to reach the NHL.

“When I got to play it was pretty special… the experience for me was really good and it really helped me see a higher level of competition and speed there,” said Smith. “The speed of this tournament, the level of competition, the performance on demand, all that sort of thing, I think, matches the NHL where there are no nights off.

“It’s one of those experiences where everything counts, every little detail, it can just help you improve during the tournament like here,” said Mercer. “You want to prepare yourself day in and day out to make sure you are better in every game to come.”

Defender of the Devils PK Subban has represented Canada twice at the tournament, winning gold in 2008 and 2009. Over the course of his career, he has seen first-hand how many players from these World Juniors teams make it to the NHL.

“I was very excited to represent and be there for my country,” Subban said of his first tournament. ” I learned a lot. A lot of guys on this team now play in the NHL, which I’ve played against or played with for the past 13 years. a lot of players go on to become NHL players and go on to have very good careers. “

New Jersey has four prospects playing in this year’s tournament: Alex Holtz (Sweden), Shakir Mukhamadullin (Russia), Luke Hughes (USA), Jakub Malek (Czechia). For coverage of these players during the tournament, stay on


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